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The Lapidarium of Kings. Photo: Alexander Saul

Smaller events

Product presentations, fashion shows, VIP-events

If you are looking for an exclusive or intimate venue for smaller events, we offer the perfect solution.

We have sumptuously ornate rooms.

We have buildings that are rugged and rustic.

We have picturesque garden houses, birdsong and the smell of roses.

We can even close a garden or parts of a palace if you wish to hold a private event for special guests.

We do our best to meet the requirements of event organisers. We have no set rules on what you can use the royal venues for.

You should therefore send us a description of your event and indicate how you wish to use the venue.

We will then look at what is possible and give you expert advice to ensure that what we can offer matches your requirements as closely as possible.


The cost of hiring the royal venues depends on the size of your event and your proposed use of the facilities. 

What you need to do

If you would like to hire one of the:

- Palace gardens please e-mail slotshave@slks.dk for further information and to make a booking.
- Christian IV’s Brewhouse please e-mail bryghuset@natmus.dk for further information and to make a booking.

If you would like to hire Kronborg Castle, please e-mail kronborg@natmus.dk for further information and to make a booking.


Rent a Palace or Garden